Mobile unmanned complex М-10-2 "Оko"

Purpose: video surveillance in the real time, patrolling linear and other objects.

Construction year: 2014.

First flight: 2014 year.

Status: completion of preceding and determinative departmental prototype tests.

Patents: № 86554; № 103119 (2015); № 103149 (2015); № 105399 (2016).

Technical characteristics of М-10 «Оkо 2»:

  • max. take-off mass – up to 4,95 kg;
  • payload mass – up to 0,8 kg;
  • flight duration – up to 90 min.*;
  • flight distance – up to 105 km;
  • cruising speed of flight – 75 km/h;
  • max. speed of flight – 150 km/h;
  • recommended flight height – 300 m;
  • max. height of flight – up to 2000 m*;
  • type of control system – automatic/semiautomatic, with planning of flight using Google maps;
  • type and amount of protected data transmission lines – digital/2;
  • resolution of digital camera- 1920х1080;
  • video stream processing – protocol H.264;
  • min. illumination – 0,001Lk;
  • start – using starting device;
  • landing – using parachute on air bag;
  • range of action (online video broadcast)– up to 20 km;
  • flight limits – local wind speed should not be more than 18 m/s;
  • outdoor air temperature - from -20°С to +38°С;
  • sizes of transporting container, mm х mm х mm: 1 box - 1150х400х350; 2 box (service) - 1200х360х200;
  • mass of complex in the transport position: container with two М-10-2 «Оkо» boards - 14 kg; service container with above-ground container - 20 kg. All complex – up to 34 kg.
  • option - complex arrangement in two backpacks weighing 15 kg/ 2 boards.

* - flight height and duration are taking from ISA.

UAV М-10-2 «Оkо» is a deep modification of famous UAV М-10 «Оkо». There are several changes in wing’s geometry and aerodynamic, aerodynamic of transition between wing and fuselage, scheme of tail assembly, chassis and other nodes. It helps to obtain aerodynamic quality in 20-22 un. cruising mode. М-10-2 «Оkо» is designed for video and image capture of objects from the air.

Reset of the onboard battery takes about 10 minutes.

It can be used with civil aim for small objects protection, monitoring the situation on the small areas and so on, in accordance with the global experience. Also М-10-2 «Оkо» can be used in military platoon level units for battlefield or operational situation intelligence.