Double engine unmanned aircraft М-7V5 «Nebesniy patrul»

Purpose: cartography and aerial photography, video surveillance in the real time, patrolling of linear and other objects.

Year of development: 2010.

Status: at this stage UA is in the process of obtaining an aircraft certificate (order №164 from 27.02.2018 the State Aviation Administration of Ukraine)

    1. The successful completion on 03.08.2018 of the first stage of certification of aircraft type. The fulfillment of the planned activities of the stage No. 2 according to the Раrt-21

Patent: UА № 62929.

Technical characteristics:

  • wingspan, m – 6,0;
  • mass of the payload, kg - up to 70;
  • take-off mass, kg – up to 200;
  • max. speed, km/h - 250;
  • power of the engines, kW - 2 х 17=34;
  • type of engines – two-cycle piston fuel engine;
  • max. altitude of flight, m- up to 6000;
  • recommended height, m – up to 3000;
  • take-off and landing type - airplane;
  • take-off distance, m- 50;
  • time of deployment in the operating position, h - 0,5;
  • control mode – automatic/semiautomatic;
  • range of action (on direct visibility of connection with ground control station), km – up to 100*;
  • range of action (on direct visibility of connection with ground control station using radio repeater), km – up to 200*;
  • range of action (connection through satellite channel), km – up to 1400*;

* - it depends on the modem power.

Calculated distance and duration of flight of UAV М-7V5:

  • max. take-off mass - 200 kg;
  • mass of empty aircraft - 100 kg;
  • cruising speed of flight - 200 km/h.
Variants of payload mass:

Payload mass - 70 kg:

  • fuel mass - 30 kg;
  • flight duration - 5 h;
  • flight distance - 1000 km.

Payload mass - 20 kg:

  • fuel mass - 80 kg;
  • flight duration - 14 h;
  • flight distance - 2800 km.

The project is based on the of problem of useful weight (purpose) payload and a two-engined UAV high take-off - landing characteristics.

M-7V5 "NEBESNIY PATRUL" is a plane of normal scheme of high wing, which was set on a pylon. Glider is made of composite materials. It has wing with an average degree of mechanization in the form of sliding slotted flaps and slotted flaperons.

Front and the rear part of the gondola made in the form of removable fairing for access to the payload bay. Tail beam is made as turning in a vertical plane to the UAV’s nose side for comfortable transportation. Also it includes a variable gondola for different types of payload.

Gyro stabilized day CCD–camera is taken as standard payload.

Unmanned aviation system based on UAV M-7V5 "NEBESNIY PATRUL"

Unmanned Aviation System (UAS) consists of one (1) UAV M-7V5 " NEBESNIY PATRUL ", which locates in the trailer-container in the transport position. Terms of basing UAS: all types of runways including unequipped. Trailer is transported by tractor (a/m "UAZ", "Gazelle", MB-212D etc.). There is no need in the presence of the tractor during start of UAV. Curb weight of UAS: up to 2000 kg. The time of UAV’s being in the air without refueling: 10 - 17 hours *. Range of action: 100 km. Route distance of UAV’s flight: 1000 - 2800 km. External Crew: 4 persons.

* - estimated data.