Multimotor helicopter for cargo transportation PKM-14 "Saturnia"

Purpose: transportation of small cargo in automatic mode.

Construction year: 2016.

Status: completion of factory flying tests.

Patent: №119261

Design technical characteristics:

  • characteristic feature - turning the hulls of power plants into transport position;
  • type of control system - automatic, with preliminary flight planning using Google maps or others;
  • take-off/landing - on the landing gear, which is removed in flight;
  • payload weight, kg - up to 2;
  • radius of action, km - up to 3;
  • maximum speed on the route, m/sec (km/h) - 8,5(30);
  • flight altitude – up to 500 m*;
  • aerodynamic scheme - 4 electric power units.

* - flight altitude and duration are taking from ISA.

PKM-14 "Saturnia"